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Find the most readily useful legit online lottery sites in Australia and get your promotion from here! Our gambling experts have tested a number of lottery sites for Australian players and also have created a summary of only the very best & most trustworthy ones. Learn about how it works and steps to make the most of our deals!

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How online lottery in Australia works

On line lottery in Australia is a game title where money is raised by attempting to sell tickets with numbers. The winning numbers are drawn at random, and the players with the winning numbers on the tickets get monetary awards. The government regulates the draw system. As you can plainly see, online lotteries work in the same way as physical ones.

In Australia, lottery winnings are not subject to personal income tax, so winners receive their prize in one lump sum.

Lotteries here are administered by five regional organizations which form the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation:

  1. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation;
  2. Atlantic Lottery Corporation;
  3. Western Australia Lottery Corporation;
  4. Loto-Quebec;
  5. British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Lotto Max, Daily Grand, and Lotto 6/49 would be the three national lottery games available in Australia for you to play. Ticket prices start at C$3.

Fun Fact: The greatest jackpot in Australian lottery history was $70 million and was used Lotto Max on January 7, 2022.

History of online lottery

This sort of game has existed for a long time. The first forms of lottery have been recorded throughout the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. It's believed why these were used to finance major projects the us government had, including the Great Wall of China.

In Europe, the first lotteries were held throughout the Roman Empire and had mainly entertainment purposes at dinner parties. The guests would each receive one ticket, and the winners would receive prizes that contains dinnerware and other fancy items. Roman Emperor Augustus held the first lottery with tickets on the market. The funds raised were used to correct the town of Rome.

The overall game quickly gained popularity, and the evolution of technology helped make it even more famous. Online lotteries began to appear, and players in Australia and worldwide had the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets on the web. A lot more, on the web lottery sites started creating promotions for his or her clients, making everything more appealing.

Are online lottery sites legit?

Our gambling experts make sure verify all the lottery sites that appear here on our page. Which means that here you are able to only find reliable and trustworthy websites to claim lottery promotions from and get tickets. They all are regulated and constantly verified by the authorities in control, and so they ensure that the algorithm that draws the winning numbers is working correctly and offers you fair winning chances.

The websites on this page feature a number of other features which will keep you entertained and provide you a very good reason to come back.

How to choose the best online lottery promotion

You can expect many promotions created by only the very best lottery sites in Australia. When you choose usually the one for you, you should look at the bonus types available. You might find:

  1. Jackpot boosters – these promotions do just what they do say they do – they enhance the jackpot, allowing you to play for a bigger prize. You're able to pick your boost, and each comes with a small fee;
  2. Free lottery tickets – some gaming websites offer welcome bonuses that match your deposit and in addition provide you with free on the web lottery tickets. If this is the form of promotion you are looking for, select the the one that provides more tickets. For a number of other welcome bonuses and packages, have a look at our welcome bonuses page;
  3. The lottery syndicate deals – these permit you to play numerous lines for a specific lottery or numbers, even over 1000 lines. Then, you will receive a share of the winnings on some of the chosen lines. The more lines you will find in the syndicate, the more winning chances.

These are some of the lottery promotions you will find here, but there are many types out there. Our experts are constantly trying to find them and testing them to be able to bring you a lot more top-notch bonuses.

Given that you understand a few of the popular promotion types, you should keep in mind that your preferences are the most critical. Consequently , when you make your choice, choose what would cause you to the happiest. Nevertheless , don't neglect to always read the Terms and Conditions for each and every website and promotion. This really is extremely important, whilst the experience you will have is strongly dependent on the terms you will need to follow.

Why do you need our deals

All of the promotions we provide are legit and have been the subject of various tests to ensure they truly are fair and working. But this is not the only reason you should get your promotion from us. Here's why you will need our deals:

  • We offer you complete guidance in claiming the offer, and we give you all the information right in the description box. That way, do you know what the deal requires before you even see the Terms and Conditions. Have a look at our new casinos list for reviews on the latest gaming websites;
  • We review casinos and lottery websites and give you a complete 360 take on what they need to offer, what they lack, and give you easy methods to make your experience better;
  • Most the platforms you can find on our internet site are fully mobile compatible, meaning you can claim deals and utilize them from your cellular phone or tablet.

Read the casino review and claim your promotion from below and enjoy lots of fun!


Each day, more players play the lottery on line in Australia, adding to its rising popularity. Having an extended history behind it, this game is simple to comprehend and play, and it takes no skills from the player. All you have to accomplish is pick numbers and hope they are the winnings ones. However , to create things even more exciting for you personally, the most effective online lottery sites have come with generous promotions. Find yours below and join the fun!

More Info

★ 53% Off All Draw Bonanza

What’s Giant Lottos?

Since 2004, this website allows lottery fans from all over, Australians included, to take part in typically the most popular local, national, and international draws. Over 20-opportunities are brought to you 24 / 7.

Pros: many jackpots draws, hefty FAQ section, safe encryption

Cons: phone support is not 24/7

Promotion details:

It gives you a 53% off the price of a regular weekly bundle.

With this opportunity, you are getting 10 tickets in a single bundle, buying a chance to 10 top lotteries from all over the world (USA, France, Australia, Ireland, and so on ). The maximum cash out is consistently changing, depending on that week's pool prize.

Tips for you:

  • If you don’t win at any of the 10 draws, you get your minimum deposit back;
  • You can check the results of the draws directly on the site;
  • E-mail support for any inconvenience encountered;
  • The games you qualify in are: Euro Millions, USA Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEnaLotto, EuroJackpot, UK Lottery, Lotto 6aus49, Mega-Sena, Irish Lottery and Australia Lotto649.

★ 49% Off Cash4Life Lottery

Facts about Giant Lottos:

This site allows Australian players like you to get legit tickets to lotteries global that otherwise are unattainable. You will find over 20 options from well-known countries like the US, the united kingdom, Ireland, and a whole lot more.

Pros: unique entries to lotteries, user-friendly interface, contains many user reviews.

Cons: no Live Chat option for customer support.

What’s up with this promotion?

It gives you 49% off your first entry to the closest Cash4Life draw. If normally, a basic 3-sheet ticket would have cost you around C$40, with this promotion you’ll enter it's going to just a little over C$17. Entries range between 3 sheets to up to 20 sheets according to your preference.

T& C’s summarized:

  • You have to play at least three quick-picks or manual picks to qualify;
  • The jackpot increases to C$7000000 for every draw; smaller prizes gets you to C$1000 for two decades in a row;

Please note:

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