NetEnt special
    In the past week, several special casino news came out. There is a lot to tell about the originally Swedish software company NetEntertainment, or NetEnt. That is … More

    Groupe Bernard Tapie releases FTP
    It’s called Breaking News and that’s about it. The Groupe Bernard Tapie has announced that it is canceling the purchase of Full Tilt Poker due to … More

    The casino world
    Some things are worth mentioning in themselves, but which we simply cannot fill an entire page with. Once in a while, we report to you … More

    Casino news
    As always, we would like to keep you informed of the many different casino news everywhere. Also this week we have some interesting news in store for … More

    Double up at blackjack
    A difficult action for many novice players at blackjack is double. It often seems like a risky step because you can only ask for one card. However, the … More

    Why almost all online casinos are available in English only
    It is virtually impossible to get a Dutch online casino that is really available in the Dutch language. However, this is for a reason, because all legal online casinos in … More

    Pokerstars ads blocked for «irresponsibility»
    The clip had already been on the air since October 2017. The advertising content was checked after complaints from the public had been received by … More

    Minimal penalty for Isai Scheinberg
    Fine of $ 30,100 After Israeli Isai Scheinberg, who was born in Israel, pleaded guilty to illegal gambling in March, lawyers and poker fans alike expected prison … More

    Casinos Austria AG: First female casino manager
    First female casino manager at Casino Austria AG In the past few weeks, there has already been a lot to report about Casino Austria AG. Today it will … More

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