How The UKGC Casino License Affects Australian Gambling


What’s the deal with the UKGC casino license? What does that mean for Canadia players? Experts lay all the answers on the table for you!

Stick around to find them all!

UKGC introduction & basics for Australians

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, also know as UKGC, is part of the United Kingdom’s government and has become the top licensing authority globally.

The legal background

Over time, it has become independent and checks both local casinos and foreign ones, especially the greatest brands out there, on which Australians like you play.

It operates under the statements of the 2005 Gambling Act, put forth by the legislature to regulate gaming and sports betting across the pond.

How did it rise to the top?

The way they assess gambling businesses is based on Codes of Practice, publicly available online to any curious Australian. They are crafted in such a way so you can play safely and have easy access to stopping your gambling whenever you feel like it.

Essential: The strategies used by the UKGC when it comes to minor protection are, up until now, unmatched.

6 seals of approval

Each main type of real-money gambling is separately assessed, granted or vetoed by the commission:

  1. Lotteries draws & similar games (offline and online);
  2. Online software that includes in-game bets;
  3. Physical slots or video poker machines;
  4. Betting (sports or otherwise);
  5. Bingo draws;
  6. Casino games of all types (offline and online).

Recommendation: Does any such thing from that list catch your eye? We’ve got just about all options in our collection of Australian online casinos. Rest assured that you’ll find detailed reviews and promotions galore ranked in your favour.

A UKGC license: 7 effects that concern Australian players

If you’ve never really got the fuss of a UK-based license at your favourite online casino, stick around to see the beneficial results it offers you!

Please take into account that our present analysis is give attention to the Australian gambling market, our area of expertise.

1. Licensees are constantly monitored

The process a casino has to undertake to be accepted by the Brits is time-consuming And expensive.

Why does it take so long?

UKGC checks all the elements of a gambling site: encryption, pc software, games, tournaments, rules, terms, staff, financial statements, and more.

For a satisfactory assessment, it is only natural that it takes several months, short of a year.

Why does it require so much money?

A tedious process comes with a lot of labour from the members and many legal procedures; all come at a high price. Also, having the ability to afford this trial means that the web casino is a seriously run business, and so they understand how to handle their financial statements.

The good news is that the tracking never stops!

Indeed, once an on the web casino gets the press, that will not mean they can act out from the Codes of Practice.

In fact, UKGC representatives always check sites randomly for all kinds of issues to see if the standards are kept right and high. Any misconduct is fined immediately, and the sum varies by the gravity of the case.

You can be sure the casino you’re playing at sticks by the rules at all times, making a safe Australian platform!

2. The gambling joint will be transparent with you

UKGC-approved casinos create their terms, content, and messages in such a way that misunderstandings rarely occur.

How and why is this happening?

Usually, terms of use are written in difficult English, usually to make it hard for you, the gambler, to understand the risks. That will not be the case if the British authority checked this casino.

You will be able to understand what is offered and what is asked from you, as well as the gambling risks at hand.

Guidelines: Every time the guidelines or terms change, you have to be announced in time, via e-mail or otherwise.

Did you know that the Malta Gaming Authority has the same approach to casino transparency? Most of the ramifications of the MGA on Australian players are presented by us, swiftly and usefully.

3. Generally secure gambling environment

Various aspects is protected by the UKGC. It provides how your hard earned money is handled both by deposits and cash-out procedures, your computer data (through KYC and otherwise), your directly to privacy, and your health.

Do you feel like gambling is taking a toll on your mental health? Answer our 111-question quiz and begin improving! You need to use it for yourself, all your family members, as well as minors in your care. Caring for Australian residents is a high priority for all of us.

Software shields that protect you from malware are also employed by casinos that passed the check.

4. Your money is free from danger

Inside every gaming account, you have something similar to a wallet. It pays for the sessions or receives the winnings.

How does the UKGC ensure your fund’s safety?

On UKGC casinos, players’ funds are held in a separate account from the company’s revenues. The usual procedure means a different bank altogether and a different team of specialists.

What does that mean for Australians?

In case you wish to withdraw your funds, the process is simple. In grave cases where the on the web casino has money problems, and sometimes even worse, it files for insolvency, then your funds are safe.

If you want to try out a way to cut your losses when spinning the slot reels, we’ve got a fund strategy for you. Know pro-insiders about how to keep your money locked…literally!

5. Impartial game results

All on the web casino games that you play, especially those that involved real-cash stakes, are coded so to mimic a real-life session as you’d play in brick-and-mortar casinos.

These are called RNGs, or Random Numbers Generators, creating millions of variants for the same hand/spin every time you play; you’ll eventually land on one.

UK Gambling Commission-approved sites all use RNGs. How can we be so sure? The majority of them are also checked by the agency known as eCOGRA. We have explained its usual to-do list, its experience and usage in the industry for Australians!

Guidelines: If the UKGC and eCOGRA check a website, you are able to safely enter their tournaments or work your path to the very best of their VIP schemes.

6. Your gambling is not funding illicit activities

Considering the lengthy checks done by the UKGC, there is virtually no option for casinos to engage in shady business.

The same goes for the cash that Australian players invest in casino sites. During the KYC procedures, customers of UKGC casinos are asked to prove that the money is legally theirs; sometimes, they have to confirm the cash source.

Why is this necessary?

Small e-payments may be used to launder money and change their status from “blood money” to clean-cut cash. Thus, the methods counteract that.

Do you believe you have been wronged by a casino while being their customer?

Australian citizens need to follow a specific road to make sure their dispute is solved correctly and in due time. In essence, what you’ll need to do is be very aware of what the T& Cs state and follow our advice when it comes to other actions.

7. Proper advertisement & child protection

Online ads are anything short of irritating. That is why you will not be bothered with insistent pop-ups or flashes from cookie-trackers from online casinos checked by the UKGC.

This tactic of decent size advertising first started as a issue of TV advertisements and slowly moved online through the years.

On the same matter of protection from ad-overexposure, UKGC casinos are required to not cater to Australian minors by any means. Including having a cartoon-like interface, targeting young age brackets, or allowing minors use of their services.

Important: Gambling addiction is a serious issue among youths, as well as adults. If you would like your son or daughter far from such aspects, use blocking computer software. Should you want to distance your self from their store, make use of the self-exclusion methods available at all UKGC gambling websites.

Other UKGC details: upsides, history, and

In this section, we go in-depth about other advantages tied to UK licensing, so you get a clearer picture.

We finish with a small overview of their beginnings and show you ways to get in touch with them!

The strictest agency = One of the best licenses

We know that the process following the Codes of Practice is:

  • Lengthy;
  • Tedious;
  • Strict;
  • Never stops.

That is why it is safe to assume that an online casino with a UKGC license has the best authentication currently available on the Australian and international market.

Recommendations: When you have picked a casino with a UK license, you will be sure they've adequate funds and a great legal team, all pro aspects in terms of your play.

Highest standards of the industry

The UKGC cuts no corners when it comes to analyzing and verifying gambling spaces for you.

Australian gamblers may use this for their advantage and realize that out of the entire pool of casino sites out there, their UKGC pick sits on the podium of quality.

Both them and other partnering agencies work 24 / 7 to ensure the practices are up-to-date and correctly imposed.

Even things as basic as site encryption are sanctioned if they are too old, representing a potential danger.

Important: In situations of conflict between casinos and gamblers, they help with the investigation and settlement.

4 stages in The Commission’s development

See how a legislative project turned into a leading gambling authority in 2022!

Get in touch from Australia!

Are you curious to find out more information about this British governmental institution?

Or, do you want to know more about a casino? Or maybe find a solution to a casino problem?

Talk to the UKGC support agents via:

Leave with this in mind

Here are our main guide ideas you need to remember, in a nutshell:

  1. The UKGC is currently unsurpassed when it comes to their standards;
  2. There are 7 ways in which the UKGC positively affects your gameplay;
  3. It is easy to know more about them through us or their own support!

And if we’ve learned such a thing from studying them for way too long, we must allow you to pass saying you have to always play safely and responsibly! Australian gambling is nothing if not done safely!


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