How to Win at Slots – A Definitive Guide


The best achievement for just about any gambler out there is understanding how to win at slots. Since these exciting online flash games have a totally random payout system, your ability will not raise your winning odds. But how can slot machine game pros generate consistent winnings?

Well, there are specific tricks to winning on slots you could apply today, which can help you to get the most out of your gambling sessions. Read our in-depth video slot guide to see the actual method that other gamblers are utilizing to improve their casino experience. We recommend you bookmark this article and utilize it as another reference when picking on the web slots that you want to play.

How does a slot machine work?

Slots are one of the most popular games in the world, in both on line and ground-based casinos. Nevertheless , getting consistent wins from spinning the reels is harder to accomplish compared to dining table games like poker or blackjack.

Winning at slots is harder because they’re based only on chance, meaning that everyone has the same Odds, and there aren’t many strategies available. In terms of gameplay, all you need to do is pick a bet value and press the Spin button, hoping that you will match symbols on adjacent reels.

The most crucial part of learning how exactly to win at slots is once you know what game is much better and why. While choosing a slot depends on several factors, together with your personality or gameplay style, these general tips will assist you to make a better decision:

  1. Analyze the paytable – every slot has its unique paytable, and you'll discover everything regarding the game’s symbols and bonus rounds;
  • Test the game – it will always be recommended to take to the overall game in demo mode, to ensure that it’s enjoyable and every thing runs smoothly;
  • Understand the game’s features: slots are available in different size and shapes, therefore it is important to know how the special features (multipliers, free spins, etc . ) work;
  • Go for a high RTP slot – the best strategy for slots is to go for a title that has an RTP rate higher than 96%;
  • Remember to stop – if you ever feel overrun no longer enjoying the game, it’s a great idea to have a break, relax, and go back to the game later.

Always check the slot’s RTP

RTP stands from Go back to Player, and it represents the bonus your house has within the players. The RTP is employed to assess the percentage that the overall game returns to players over time(usually between 92-97%). Most gamblers use this percentage as helpful tips to determine a slot’s performance.

Like if a slot posseses an RTP of 94. 5% means that players can get the overall game to go back £9. 45 for every single £10 wagered.

Below we’ve curated a list of the highest RTP slots available:

  • Jokerizer (Ygdrassil) – 98%;
  • BloodSuckers (NetEnt) – 98%;
  • Joker Strike (Quickspin) – 98.11%;
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) – 98.5%;
  • Mega Joker (NetEnt) – 99%.

Be advised that some slots require you to make specific bets to activate the most available RTP rate. For example , mega joker starts with an 85% RTP, however it would go to 99% when you activate the Supermeter feature (which is actually another game).

Play Higher Denomination

Opting for slots with higher denomination bets available will provide you with a higher possibility of hitting a fantastic combination. The reason why this kind of slot is better is that the payout percentages are relative to the coin denomination or the bet per spin. So , the bigger the denomination, the better possibility of obtaining a payout.

In addition to that, wouldn’t it be easier to land a winning combo on a £20 bet, when compared with a 0. 1p bet? The chances you obtain a great combo are low anyway, so just why not risk a greater amount for the possibility of cashing out on a substantial amount.

Bet the Maximum

It’s always a great idea to bet the maximum, since it enables you to bet on most of the available lines. Certain slots features, like progressive jackpots or bonuses, demand a specific bet amount to activate them, so choosing to choose the max bet is equally as good.

We recommend you select the utmost bet whenever it is possible. In so doing, you increase your payout potential and unlock all the available slot features.

Choose a slot based on your personality and playstyle

Deciding on a slot fundamentally is dependent upon the player’s personal preferences. Nevertheless , there are a few directions which will help you decide on your preferred title:

  • Three-reel games – They've less hit frequency and often focus on the top jackpot. This slot type gives you the very best payout potential, but also the greatest chance to get rid of everything quickly.
  • Pick’em Bonus Slots –If you want mini-games where you will need to find the winning item from a list and high hit frequency slots, then this category is for you personally.
  • Free Spin Slot Machines – titles which have free spins as their main bonus often fall between the 3-reel and pick’em bonus games in terms of odds and volatility.

Now that you understand the big slot categories, it’s your responsibility to pick usually the one you prefer most. Once that’s done, it’s time for you to pick a title which has a unique theme. Don’t worry, there are an incredible number of games available out there, so there needs to be one title that resonates with your personality and playstyle.

Do not pick the obvious options

Before choosing an on the web slot, it will always be vital that you do some research and make sure the overall game originates from a reliable source. Some casinos will try to attract users with unbelievable deals, however in reality, many aren’t even licensed by any legal institution.

Since gambling needs a credit card or e-wallet for funding your account, you will need to test if the casino is regulated by top authorities on the market, like Malta Gaming Authority(MGA) or United Kingdom Gambling Commission(UKGC).

To verify if an operator is holding a gambling license, you need to scroll to the footer of their landing page and check if indeed they have the regulators disclosed. In addition , we recommend you check the Conditions and terms of this specific on line casino to make sure that all the legal agreements are in order.

Whenever you’re picking an on line casino to play your chosen slots on, it’s crucial that you remember that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Consequently , you must never fall under the trap of pirate casinos that lure you with attracting bonuses, but all they need is your credit card info.

Unsure the place to start? Check out this site and choose one of the licensed casino operators available. Picking a gambling platform from our list guarantees that your own personal and financial details are secured, and the games are entirely random, not rigged in support of the home.

Avoid Branded slot

While we concur that branded slots are impressive with regards to design, they truly are mostly used by on line casinos as “bait” to attract newcomers that aren’t of necessity gamblers.

We realize that playing a game title that features your preferred singer or Television show can be satisfying, but you that the developer paid good money for the copyrights. Hence, the games won’t allow you to make low bets, and the odds aren’t the best either.

Exactly why we don’t recommend you play a branded slot isn't associated with the weaker efficiency. The key issue with this kind of game is it is used as a psychological trigger to attract specific audiences. But how?

Well, it is quite simple. Imagine you are a newbie to the gambling world, and you love the TV show Vikings. While scrolling through the set of available games on a casino, if you happen to come across the Vikings branded slot, you are extremely likely to go for that one.

While we don’t declare that this specific slot is either good or bad, the theme shouldn’t be the main aspect in your decision-making process. Thus, it is advisable to decide on your slots based on the factors we’ve mentioned in this specific article. It can benefit you get the absolute most out of your casino experience.

Test the game in free mode

If you want to find out how to win at slots, we recommend while using the game in free mode before betting with a real income. Many games provide a demo version, allowing players to try out the features and payouts prior to making a deposit. Free play is a superb practice tool, and most gamblers utilize it to learn if a slot will probably be worth their time.

Never waste a single penny playing a casino game that you dislike. Practice beforehand until you develop a thorough strategy. Once you’re familiarized with the slot machine game, you can deposit and commence spinning the reels with actual money.

Take advantage of casino bonuses

One of the most significant advantages of online casinos is the addition of slots bonuses. Players can easily claim them and start their gambling journey with extra perks, like Free spins, match promotions, or cashback.

While these offers usually include certain strings attached, they are still a fantastic addition to your gambling arsenal. Who wouldn’t want to play slots with bonus cash that may later be transformed into a real income?

Claiming bonus codes is among the most excellent tricks to winning on slot machines, as it increases balance and allows you to test games before utilizing your real money. The difference between bonuses and demo play is that you can actually withdraw money from the bonus balance if you complete the wagering requirement.

Know when it is time to Stop

Slots have their fair share of entertainment, but if you'd like it to stay that way, you have to know when to avoid. Never jump into a gambling session with no a goal set in mind. Set a budget and regulate how much time you wish to dedicate to reel spinning. By doing that, you will avoid spending significantly more than you can afford and risk losing every thing.

Playing responsible is the key to being truly a great gambler. In the event that you understand your limits and the very fact that you can’t win them all, you will have some memorable casino sessions. But falling into the trap of exorbitant spending, wanting to recover the quantity you’ve lost is a red flag. This practice must be avoided, as it could leave a hole in your budget and make you feel just like the casino cheated you.

You must realize that slots are entirely random, so there's absolutely no way to predict if you’re going to hit the jackpot any time soon. For that reason should you want to enjoy your time and effort in the casino, it is crucial to be calculated and gamble responsibly.

This advice will save you big money. Rather than just randomly betting whatever amount you’ve got, you are able to develop your own personal betting strategy.

Do not try to cheat the casino

Since gambling is a business with plenty of cash arriving on a regular basis, there will be people who make an effort to cheat the device and take advantage of the vulnerabilities.

But you should be aware that trying to scam a licensed casino is a felony, and the punishment is usually prison. Fortuitously, it is now increasingly challenging to scam the slots, especially the internet ones. Nevertheless , many people was able to steal from land-based casinos, through various methods, like slugging (fake coins), strings attached to the quarter, chip cheating or magnetic force.

While these techniques worked back in the afternoon when casino computer software was in its beginning, there was still a common practice that works – the inside job. Cash attendants can truly add as many credits as they want in the machines, so they can add a different amount than what the player has paid. Because of technological advances in security software, it has become harder for employees to display this scam.

We highly counsel you against using these harmful practices, especially if you don’t like going to jail for two hundred dollars. Slots are a game of chance, so if you’re fortunate enough, you are able to win big without cheating.

Our Recommendation

Whilst the tricks and tips mentioned in our guide on how to win at slots may not be foul proof strategies, they need to assist you to on the right track and get the most out of your gambling session.

These are the most significant tricks to winning on slot machines that you can use right away:

  1. Pick the slot machines with high payouts;
  2. Pick a slot with an RTP higher than 96%;
  3. Try the slot in demo mode;
  4. Choose a tailor-made casino bonus;
  5. Only play on regulated casinos.

Nevertheless the most significant advice is always to enjoy your time spent spinning the reels! Remember, gambling is a type of entertainment and that means you must not perceive it as a stable revenue stream. Fun should always be most of your objective when playing slots.

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