Anonymous casinos 2022 – are they worth the risks?


The online gambling industry always keeps up with the newest technologies and trends. It pays awareness of the increasing need of the common Internet user for online anonymity and suits them through Bitcoin casinos. This is the way anonymous gambling becomes possible. Nevertheless , as tempting as it can sound, it isn't risk-free. Dive further into this article to discover every thing about anonymous casinos and the benefits and the risks they come with!

What are anonymous casinos

Anonymous casinos are gambling websites that need no identification information from users and allows them to deposit, wager and withdraw real cash. These only work with cryptocurrency, and the most used is Bitcoin.

The rise of Bitcoin casinos and how they changed online gambling

Ever since Bitcoin started gaining popularity in 2008, the gambling industry started get yourself ready for the upcoming wave of cryptocurrency users. In August 2011, Bitcoin was introduced in the web gambling world on a Poker internet site that accepted only Bitcoin payments. This was only the beginning, as much other such platforms started to appear.

However , it absolutely was only in February 2014 that the first licensed Bitcoin casino was launched, and the Curacao Gambling Authority issued its license.

Be aware: Many Bitcoin casinos are not licensed by any authority. Always check before joining one!

Are all Bitcoin casinos anonymous?

No, not all Bitcoin casinos are entirely anonymous. Bitcoin, just like any other cryptocurrency, enables you to make payments without sharing any personal statistics with the casino. This has a specific degree of anonymity when compared with other payment techniques.

However , most Bitcoin casinos require a proper registration when you have to provide information such as for example:

  • Full Name;
  • Birthday;
  • Address;
  • Phone number;
  • email address.

Aside from these, the KYC process is likewise performed. In this, with respect to the casino, it's likely you have to send copies or photos of the next documents:

  • ID, drivers license or passport;
  • Bank statement;
  • Utility bill;
  • Payslip, dividends, pension, etc.

For that reason casinos that do demand a full registration and certainly will perform KYC checks are not anonymous casinos even though you can anonymously deposit using Bitcoin.

Certainly anonymous casinos permit you to register using an email address and can require no further information. No KYC will be performed whether you wish to deposit or withdraw. Players can join some Bitcoin casinos despite having no registration whatsoever.

Guidelines: Registration will protect your account and funds, therefore it is advised to select platforms that enable you to subscribe.

Recommendation: KYC is conducted for the casino and the user’s safety. Through this, they filter scammers out. Also, in this way, the casinos make sure the player is using their own money rather than committing fraud.

Be aware: No registration casinos are less safe for their users!

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?

There are numerous Bitcoin casinos on the Australian market, and never they all are safe to play at. A few of these have no license. But some do have licenses, strong reputations, some even offer a Provably Fair option. This permits players to verify a game’s outcome in a transparent manner. In this way, any user can check themselves if the games are fair.

Guidelines: We never advise Candian players to participate unlicensed casinos. If, nevertheless , you decide to do so, make certain they have the Provably Fair option, since they are widely regarded as more trustworthy.

Take note: The Provably Fair option doesn't replace a license! The player could be confronted with many risks. Fully regulated and licensed casinos with a online privacy policy provide most security.

Advantages and risks of anonymous betting

advantages Risks
Zero to low fees Many are not licensed or regulated
Higher accessibility No chargebacks
Fast deposits and cashouts New and experimental crypto payments
Secure transactions Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile
High level of privacy

Anonymous betting provides the highest amount of privacy, as the name implies. Users arrive at be fully anonymous on Bitcoin casinos, which can be the main reason they have been popular. Players also love them because of the speed of the transactions and the reduced or inexistent fees. They are highly secure as well, because of blockchain technology. During transfers, the funds cannot be interrupted, intercepted, or stolen.

Bitcoin casinos also give you a higher level of accessibility, being available even to players that live in areas where they can't access online casinos or if their banks prohibit them from employing their debit or credit card on a gambling internet site.

Many Bitcoin casino bonuses are available for players to claim, just as on regular gaming platforms. They range from new player deals such as for instance sign-up bonus or first deposit promotion, to existing player benefits and recurring offers. An excellent choice of Australia’s Bitcoin bonuses is here for all players to check out and pick from.

You will find, but some risks the players are exposed to, as shown in the table above. The lack of a license, as in the case of many such platforms, implies that it will not be audited by a certified third-party. This enables many platforms to scam their users and gives unfair services and products or low-quality services.

The actual fact that no chargebacks can be performed means that if a user mistakenly types in the incorrect amount when depositing, they cannot reverse the transfer. This wants increased attention from the player. Also, the volatility of cryptocurrencies is nothing new. Their value fluctuates from hour to hour even, so users need to keep close track of that aswell.

New and experimental cryptocurrencies appear almost every day in the marketplace, and not all are sufficient to keep. But some casinos quickly adopt them and invite users to make deposits and withdrawal. Bitcoin casinos will be the safest, and some of them even offer cryptocurrency alternatives such as for example Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and others. These have already been available on the market for a long period and so are safer to use than the new ones.

Recommendation: Bitcoin casinos may possibly sometimes have fewer games than regular ones, so check out the game collection and pc software providers beforehand!

Bear in mind: In some cases, Bitcoin transactions usually takes longer than expected! This is really because some casinos will check and perform them by hand for safety reasons.

Regular casino vs anonymous casino – which is the best choice?

When choosing between a normal casino and a Bitcoin casino that provides full anonymity, it may be challenging to decide. But the primary aspect in this decision may be the player’s preference and which kind of experience they are trying to find.

Gamers who value security over privacy may want to stick to the standard casinos. Nevertheless , players who prefer an increased degree of privacy notwithstanding the potential risks should choose Bitcoin casinos. Paired with the Bitcoin bonuses, these can genuinely offer a fun, rewarding, and anonymous experience.

A very important factor players should keep in mind is always checking for whether license or a Provably Fair choice to get them to planning to become members of a trustworthy internet site. They need to always choose the more reputable anonymous casino.

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