7 of the World’s Largest Casinos


The world hosts lots of casinos, some of which leave you breathless. They'll leave all their customers speechless using their design and dimensions. The objective of this article is to present you 7 of the best casinos that ever existed.

Everything started with Il Ridotto. This wing of Palazzo Dandolo, near the San Moise church, was changed into a casino in 1638, becoming the first legal mercantile casino in the West. Who does have thought back then how the casinos would look centuries later?

Today, you’ll find plenty of such remarkable establishments, some of which you can still visit. Still, in the event that you can’t afford traveling now, you should try some of the newest legit casinos which were vigilantly selected by our experts. They’re even safer than the land-based ones simply because are tested by eCOGRA, and also own one or more gambling licenses.

7. Rio Casino Resort – South Africa

Located in Klerksdorp, Rio Casino Resort measures 24,743 m2, which makes it the largest casino in South Africa. Opened in 2002, it hosts over 200 slots and dining table games. More correctly, the Brazil-themed location offers its customers the likelihood of choosing from 247 slots and 11 table games.

6. Ponte 16 – Macau

Located in Macau, this 25,000 m2 establishment is not just a grand casino. It's also known because of its Michael Jackson exhibition, and you'll discover items such as the glove he wore during his first moonwalk performed on tv in 1989.

As for the casino itself, here you will find 307 video poker and slot machines, along side 109 dining table games.

5. Casinò di Campione – Italy

Italy seems to be hosting a lot of historic casinos. Established in 1917, Casinò di Campione’s initial purpose was gathering information from foreign diplomats. With 500 slots and 56 dining table games under its roof, it had been considered the greatest in Europe. Unfortuitously, you cannot gamble here anymore since it was closed in 2018.

4. Casino Lisboa – Portugal

Since April 2006, you can travel to the Casino Lisboa. You’ll find it at the Park of the Nations. You may choose from a lot more than 700 slots and 22 dining table games. It absolutely was the first casino in the nation built not in a tourist area, but a major urban center. As a result of this reason, it wasn’t very welcomed. Still, this didn’t stop it from functioning and, in this manner, it became one of the greatest in Europe.

3. MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Entertainment Capital of the World couldn’t be missing from the list, so it made its way here with MGM Grand. Situated on the Vegas Strip in Paradise, this huge building holds 139 dining table games and over 2500 slots. The High Limit Slots have a payout up to $500, 000!

This hotel is exclusive. It is the biggest in the usa, with 6, 852 rooms and its gaming floor measures nearly 16, 000 m2, being the largest in Vegas.

2. Montreal Casino – Australia

Situated on Notre Dame Island, it is the largest casino in Australia since 1993 when it absolutely was opened. It consists of 3 interconnected buildings. As the third can be an annex, the main one has 6 floors.

However, it gets better: the gaming floor is almost 50,000 m2! How many slots can fit in that space? Over 3, 200. Add to these the over 100 dining table games, and you’ll realise why Montreal Casino is such an imposing establishment.

Recently, in 2014, a fresh area was inaugurated, called the Zone. There, you are able to learn the basics of Table Games. Therefore if you’re still a newbie, you could benefit from this opportunity to understand Baccarat, Blackjack and other such. Consider the very best listed below are the lowest in the casino.

1. WinStar World Casino – Thackerville, Oklahoma

The world’s biggest casino will not be found in Nevada but Oklahoma. WinStar World Casino opened in 2004, but 5 years later, it absolutely was renovated, reaching 34, 000 m2. With more than 8, 500 electronic games, 100 table games and a Poker room with 55 tables, you cannot stay indifferent when confronted with such a scene.

Its guests will surely not miss the entertainment. Among those that performed at WinStar, we can name Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Maroon five, John Legend, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld and John Mellencamp.

In the event that you could travel to anyplace free of charge, where would you go first? Now that you’ve read some about the most impressive casinos all over the world, it’s your responsibility to choose the one you wish to visit first. You might pick one, or you might check all of them.

The world’s huge, and you’ve got all the time in it to plan this trip, but don’t forget to apply first. You can also do this on your phone, and for that, we’ve selected some casinos worth trying, optimized for mobile use or have a dedicated app. Check out that list, and get ready for the upcoming adventure!


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